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meth decontamination service

The meth issue in your property

Methamphetamine contamination is a problem for New Zealanders, especially for those in the property market

Meth is a dangerous drug that can cause serious health problems if it is present in your home.

The stress brought on by methamphetamine contamination will be eliminated by Meth Decontamination LTD, we will oversee the entire meth cleansing process. we provide the most thorough decontamination process currently available and complete all necessary steps to achieve contaminated-free properties.

What is Meth (Methamphetamine)

Meth, often known as methamphetamine, is a potent and addictive stimulant. It is intravenously injected, swallowed, snorted, or smoked.

Meth is quite easy to make, and after just one use, some people get addicted to it.

Meth addiction causes people to prioritize using the drug over their cleanliness, homes, jobs, families, and even their safety.

If a building has been used as a meth lab, decontamination must come first to guarantee public safety.

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Other names for it include meth, P, crystal, chalk, or ice. In improvised laboratories, also known as meth, clandestine, or P labs, meth is manufactured or "cooked." Meth is a crystal that, when heated, vaporizes and is frequently smoked in order to be consumed.

Because of the vapor that is produced, cooking and smoking can both contaminate methamphetamine. The vapor, which is frequently observed as smoke or a haze, rises before settling on surfaces. Readings can differ throughout the house depending on where they are being used. The most vapor fallout is collected in areas with porous surfaces, such as ledges, soft furnishings, and timber window frames.

The Harmful Effects Of Meth

In the process of making meth, poisonous waste that can endure for a very long period is produced. To counteract the toxic chemicals, Meth Decontamination LTD. Restorations has qualified decontamination specialists who give your property a clean bill of health following a thorough evaluation.

Interestingly, every kilogram of meth generates five to seven pounds of hazardous chemical waste. What is concerning is that these chemicals contain phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, chloroform, and other hazardous substances. People remain vulnerable to the following health risks even if the lab's output stops: 

Liver damage

Psychological illness

Kidney Problems


The majority of people are forced to deal with meth contamination. You can never be certain of the extent of the methamphetamine's influence or the potential long-term effects once it is on your property.

The presence of a Meth Lab or other illegal drug activity should be reported because meth labs are frequently found in densely populated residential areas. Neighbors who live close to a meth lab frequently notice their neighbors' odd behavior and chemical-like odors.

Some indications that a home is a meth lab include:

  • blacking out and covering windows

  • high concentrations of household chemicals

  • frequent, quick visitors at all hours of the day or night

  • Refusal to allow access and/or suspicious behavior

  • The regular burning of waste

  • Waste containing a significant amount of cold (flu) packaging products

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How can you tell if your property has ever housed a meth lab or is currently doing so:

  • Chemical odors that are unusual for the area and out of the ordinary

  • Stockpiled or stored chemical containers with labels that read "solvent," "acid," and "flammable."

  • Cookware and equipment made of glass

  • Glass or rubber tubing attached to plastic or glass containers

  • Packages of cold tablets scattered about or in the trash

  • Interior floor, wall, ceiling, and appliance surfaces are stained in a yellow or brown color

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