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meth cleaning

The use of meth is Growing Rapidly

Meth presence on the property is dangerous to your health 

Get it tested and get rid of it

Our Patented, One-of-a-Kind Product is 100% Biodegradable, Safe For The Environment, Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive, Non-Flammable, Anti-Bacterial, And Anti-Viral.

The stress brought on by methamphetamine contamination will be eliminated by Meth Decontamination LTD, we will oversee the entire meth cleansing process. we provide the most thorough decontamination process currently available and complete all necessary steps to achieve contaminated-free properties.

Meth Standards

As a result of the New Zealand Ministry of Health's publication of the NZS8510, or new meth standard, we now know that high-use rooms are safe up to 1.5 g per 100 cm2, while limited-use areas (which are hard to access and unlikely to be accessed by children) have a higher tolerance for meth contamination and are safe up to 3.8 g per 100 cm.

We will be able to give you a complete scope of work based on the results of this testing and following a site visit so you can see exactly what will be taking place on your property.

Types of Meth Testing

To determine whether Methamaphtmine is present and how much of it there is, the contaminated property needs to be tested. There are two types of tests:

1. Standard or Composite Testing

2. Comprehensive or Detailed Testing.

Note: We will require a Comprehensive/Detailed Testing report in order to give you an accurate quote

Standard Meth Testing

Comprehensive Meth Testing

meth standard testing
meth comprehensie testing

To determine whether meth is present at the respective locations, use standard meth testing. Meth is a stimulant that people find intolerable to purchase and use. This increases the need for routine meth testing because it helps answer the question of whether meth is present in a specific area. Composite meth testing will not reveal the location or exact amount of meth.

Comprehensive testing is an effective method for reducing the risks associated with the presence of undiscovered meth residues as a result of poor room selection. A negative result based on our test results provides certainty and absolute assurance to our clients that no meth is present at the location. If a standard test yields positive results, further testing is required.

Comprehensive meth testing is carried out to obtain precise information about the presence of meth in a specific area or room. Some clients want to know if meth is present in different areas of their homes by pinpointing its location.

Individual kits are used for thorough testing to collect samples from specific areas. However, because extensive meth testing is relatively expensive, we recommend conducting standardized testing first.

Comprehensive meth testing allows people to understand the type, quantity, and location of meth residue. Sampling every area of a specific property is considered a technically sound alternative to in-field test kits.

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